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I’ve always liked walking, but haven’t always walked as much as I like.  It’s convenient, easy, provides some exercise, requires no special equipment beyond comfortable shoes, and is remarkably low energy.

Recently, The Boy and I have started walking together a few days a week.  We go out a few times a week, sometimes to run errands, but more often just to get out in the world now that the weather’s a bit more tolerable, the sidewalk a bit more walkable, and there’s the odd robin to see hopping around on the slightly thawed ground.

Honestly, it’s become one of my favourite things.  Don’t get me wrong, I like walking alone, and frequently head out on my own for errands, or even to campus.  But alone usually means something more along the lines of by myself and listening to music.  When The Boy and I are out, though, we talk.  Sometimes we tell stories, sometimes we discuss issues, sometimes we dream or plan what we want in the future.  Sometimes we’re serious, and sometimes we just laugh and laugh (we laugh a lot, the two of us).  But no matter which way we go – on the walk or in conversation – we just have a great time together, and I’m really appreciating the break in my days, and the chance to get out a little more.


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March 31, 2011 at 11:39 pm

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