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November challenge – 10×30

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With some of my work wrapping up, my schedule freeing up, and my state of mind loosening up, I’m looking for a new challenge.  I keep talking about doing another serious purge of the apartment, and since I’m feeling pretty motivated, I think this might be the right time to really start getting things in good order.

The apartment usually isn’t that messy, but there’s more stuff in here than I’d like, it does get away from us occasionally, and ‘d like to clear some of it out.  Less stuff means easier to clean and tidy.  Less stuff also means more room for hanging out, and yoga, and friends over, and all that good stuff.  It would be nice for The Boy to have a bit more space.  Also, I know that at some point I will likely have to move for work, and the more I can get rid of now, the better (moving just the books is likely to be a bit of a nightmare).

I’m calling this challenge to myself (and to you too, if you’d like to join in) 10×30.  The goal?  Getting rid of 10 things a day for 30 days for a total of 300 things out of the apartment for good.  Of course, in order to keep things on the level it’s not like I can get a whole lot of new things in either.  So, in addition to 10×30, I’m also going to make sure that if I do get anything new, an equivalent item has to leave (this is above and beyond the 10 per day that I’m shooting for).  Clothing in, clothing out.  Books in, books out.

While I have a few suspects already lined up for removal (have to start on the right foot) this will be a challenge.  I like my things, and I sometimes have a hard time getting rid of stuff in the moment, even though it almost always feels good after the fact.

As an incentive and to keep myself motivated, I’m going to keep track of things here.  Maybe with photos, if I can get my camera working, but I’ll definitely be monitering my progress – it might be every day, if I can swing it, or I might just make it a weekly thing, which also gives me the opportunity to anticipate or compensate for busy days by doing the work ahead of time or after the fact.  In any case, there will be updates and reports and all of that fun stuff as I look to purge some more stuff from life that just doesn’t need to be here anymore.

Off we go…


Written by Jenn

October 30, 2010 at 12:29 pm