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NaNoWriMo and InaDWriMo

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In a fit of…I don’t know what, actually, I signed myself up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writer’s Month) and decided that I could write a novel in a month in addition to all of the other work that I do.

Then, by a happy accident, I stumbled across InaDWriMo, or International Dissertation Writing Month (the ‘D’ can also stand for acaDemic, for those who are not currently writing the dissertation and would like to join in).

So, rather than pouring my heart and soul into a work of fiction (the time will come for that, it’s just not right at this moment), this year I’m following along with NaNoWriMo and working on academic work instead. This is the chance to finish off (or at least expand on) some of those semi-finished works in progress on my hard drive. It’s also an opportunity to get some more work done on the next dissertation chapter.

The goal?

50 000 words over 30 days for the month of November. According to my basic math skills, that translates to about 1667 words per day, which seems pretty reasonable. The first week was, as so many first weeks tend to be, a bit of a slow start and I came in at around 4000 words.  But I’m starting off with a bang this week.

Honestly, if I don’t make it, it’s not the end of the world.  Right now, the 7000 and change words that I have written are 7000 words that I didn’t have a week ago.  Almost 4000 of those words went onto a blank page where there wasn’t a paper before.  Others are slowly taking shape, with lots of good ideas coming out.  Right now, the focus is on getting things down and getting as much out as possible, and editing will come later.

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished already, though, and it’s lovely to see the word count grow and papers develop as I work on them.  Right now, I’ve got three on the go, plus the latest dissertation chapter.  I think that’s a reasonable number, although I’m toying with getting down a few ideas on a still barely-there paper as well.  But no matter what I decide, this seems to be working for me, and it’s nice to bet things done.


Written by Jenn

November 9, 2010 at 1:29 am

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