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It’s fall here.  Technically it’s been fall for awhile now, if you’re willing to go by things like days on the calendar.

Generally, I’m not one to go by the calendar dates.  At least, certainly not exclusively.  Every year the seasons play out differently.  Every year is a mystery, and a bit of a surprise.

Late in October as it is, tonight was the first night it really felt like fall to me.  Really, definitely felt like it in some fundamental, visceral, almost indescribable kind of way.  Sure, we’ve had cool days, and leaves changing, and I wear socks far too regularly now, but it hasn’t yet felt like the season’s really slipped inexorably into a new season until tonight.

What changed?  It was noticably chilly, not just cool.  When I went out tonight, there was woodsmoke in the air, and more leaves on the ground than on the trees.  I can see the sun sitting lower in the sky, and when it sets, the quality of light is different – sharper, cleaner, brighter.

Fall is my favourite season.  Every year, I find myself wishing there was more of it, or at least more days that really feel, deep down, like fall is supposed to feel.  I know fall gets the same time alloted to it as any other season, but sometimes it feels like a lot less.

I love it all the same, of course.  I haul out wool blankets and drink hot chocolate and go for long walks in the crisp air.  When the weather turns, I hunker down inside and dream of one day, one fall hopefully just a few years from now when not only will I get to relish the feelings of fall that I currently love, but also the relative quiet post-harvest as the segue into the dark and rest of winter begins.

The long days of work that have marked much of October for me are very close to being done.  Many things are checked off my list, and the remainders seem close to being done.  A few more days and I’ll have more of an opportunity to enjoy the relatively fleeting pleasures of fall.  I’m looking forward to some leaves to jump in, some cool mornings to walk in, watching the rest of the season slowly wind down, and dreaming a bit more.


Written by Jenn

October 28, 2010 at 11:25 pm

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