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Friends for dinner

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Given our relatively tight financials,we like to find ways to save a bit of money here and there.  Now, with the recently tight financials of some of out close friends, they’re been looking to save money too.

So, in an effort to still spend time together without breaking the bank, rather than going out for sushi (a perpetual favourite) we’ve been cooking together and then having our usual hang-out time.

Usually, we go out to grab some groceries together – whatever we need to cook – and then one or two of us cook while we all visit and chat.  We eat together, then hang out and visit.

Tonight’s dinner?  Rather than Chinese takeout, we decided to make our own.  I made fried rice and chicken with broccoli (shrimp with broccoli for me), and we had cookies as a treat for dessert.  I had most of the ingredients here already, and other than mushrooms, broccoli, and some extra eggs, there wasn’t much to pick up.

Even with a few snack or treats thrown in, the cost is significantly (!) less than going out for dinner – I think it comes in at well under 1/4 of the cost with everything included, and usually there are leftovers for whoever wants them.  We still get time together, we still get to visit, but we get to do so in a way that’s a bit more manageable for us right now.



Written by Jenn

October 23, 2010 at 1:41 am

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