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Book sale

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I have, in my infinite wisdom (insert snicker here) managed to buy books not once but twice in the last 24 hours.

First was a visit to the public library’s annual booksale.  Table after table of books for the picking, although I only walked away with 6 books and 5 magazine (uh, yes…only…)  For the books, I got two novels that I’ve been wanting to read, two semi-school books, and two books to add to my self-sufficiency pile on root cellaring and butchering and processing meat (The Boy blanched a little, made a face, and then feigned ignorance for the latter two.)  The magazines consisted of Mother Earth News and Countryside.

And then today I woke up after a lousy night’s sleep (odd dreams about old dogs, dying children, and some seriously messed-up surgery) I went for a walk and stopped at the bookstore.  Two fiddle books, a manual of guitar chords, four children’s books, a John Irving novel, and two other novels I’ve been interested in reading.

Some books that I no longer need are on their way out to make for a bit more room but, in general, I’ve come to terms with my love of books, both for pleasure and for practicality.  I think, anyway.  And for now, I’m going to get some writing done and then sit myself down to peruse a new book on the couch with some tea.

*Edited to add: In case this wasn’t clear, in both cases these purchases were for a good cause.  The library booksale directly supports the public library, and the Goodwill bookstore supports their employment efforts in the community, and  I’m especially okay with purchases that have some kind of community benefit like this.


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October 23, 2010 at 1:21 pm

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