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This was the season

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As summer turns to fall (and I turn back to a whirlwind of teaching duties, dissertation work, and research gigs), I’ve been thinking about this past season and what it was.  I’ve always been a lover of fall – crisp days, cool nights, apples, cider, fallen leaves, pumpkins, and halloween – and this year is no different.  But I find myself now with a new respect for summer as well, and a new appreciation for what it offers.

This was the season…

I first started heading out to the farmer’s market regularly, making new contacts and eating really wonderful, really local food.

I first started preserving – jam and pickles, mostly, but there’s to be sauerkraut and possibly kimchi on the menu soon.

I got married, to a guy who’s open enough to actually consider some of my (possibly hare-brained) ideas.

I started building up a library of useful books to have – I already had a stock of gardening books, but now there are more organic ones, as well as books on raising chickens and goats, preserving food, and even building a cabin (gulp).

I used my patio to grow food – not a lot, but there were tomatos, basil, and dill, all of which were not only used, but enjoyed.

I started cutting back even more on my spending, in an effort to put away more for my someday farm.

I started exercising regularly, both for my health and peace of mind now, but also so that I can more easily transition into more physical labour when the opportunity presents itself.

I met a second friend who is into sheep herding, and found myself perhaps a little more interested in the activity.

I started biking far more than I had before, which is good for the environment and also good for me.

Of course, these weren’t all completely suddent changes.  I’d certainly biked for a long time before this summer, and was already building a library, exercising, and buying as much locally as I could, but this was thw season that I stepped a lot of these activities up, and added some new ones into the fray (I suppose this blog, sporadic as the content is now, also counts).

Now, with the changing of the seasons, is also the time for me to start thinking about what happens next.  I do have a lot of work going on right now, with deadlines and timeslines and some anxiety to go along with it, so in many ways this is the priority.  But I also know that I need things to focus on apart from the work, and now is the time to think and plan and make some more moves towards adapting this urban life a bit more and making it even more sustainable, and more the life that I want to live,


Written by Jenn

September 24, 2010 at 12:44 pm

Posted in Sustainable living

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  1. Sounds like the changes you have vested in yourself are all on the positive side; best wishes on the marriage.

    Lynda M O

    September 25, 2010 at 12:27 am

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