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No spending, week three (a little late)

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This dissertation thing is really taking over.  This is really a good thing, since I need to finish it, and it still feels like there are masses of things left to do, but it does mean sacrificing other things, like most other forms of writing.  I hope to be back to writing here soon, but the combination of mass amounts of work, a more regular and intense exercise routine (more about that later), and a significant apartment purge and cleanup is just not leaving much in the way of time.  Sad, I suppose, but productive nonetheless.

But, onto no spending, which is going reasonably well, I think.

The bad: again, nothing truly bad to report this week, I don’t think. I’ve largely stayed away from stores, although I will admit to popping in to thrift stores when I pass them to search for the dishes mom collects – they’re the only things she ever really wants as gifts, and are hard to find, so regular trips are useful in terms of getting gifts together for her.

The questionable: I’ve been talking for awhile now about setting up a better office space for myself recently.  most of the time I work on the couch or in my ikea chair.  This is comfortable, but I think I need a better desk space to really make the time that I spend there productive.  I’ve been talking for awhile about getting a keyboard tray, but haven’t been able to find one that didn’t require drilling at any local office supply places, or one that was in my price range.  I was in a thrift store the other day looking for the dishes that my mom collects, and found (and bought) a keyboard tray that clamps onto the desk for $8.  The Boy put it together for me yesterday, and it works better than I expected.  Technically this wasn’t on my list, but it’s been on my radar for awhile, and I’m delighted to get it for significantly less than the ones I was looking at before.

Just as a note, it seems to me, looking back over the past few weeks, that my questionable purchases focus on work and getting the dissertation and other work done – office supplies, books, software, and so on.  While I’d prefer not to be buying stuff if I can help it, I decided awhile ago that if I thought that something would really help me work, then I wouldn’t be too hard on myself for putting out a bit of money.

The good: as with the previous weeks, I did head to the farmer’s market this week and did a bunch of shopping there.  While it winds up being a bit more expensive than the grocery store, I love putting money into local farms, and the quality is fairly consistently better.

In the interest of cutting out a few more things to consume when the no spending month is done, I’ve been experimenting with making a few more things for myself.  In addition to the foods that I’ve already tried – sports drink, pickles, and jam – I’ll be starting on pesto made from my big basil plants soon.  While I don’t wear much makeup or use many products, I’ve also been playing around with possible alternatives, both for financial and health reasons, but I suspect I’ll be doing a bigger post on that later.


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July 25, 2010 at 11:20 am

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