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Thirty days of thrift

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While I may be taking some time off from thrift-store pursuits (which do make up the bulk of my shopping), I’m still a huge thrift-store advocate.  I’ve already briefly set out my love of the thrift store, a love developed in my undergrad days when I discovered the heady joys of the local Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Store that happened to be on my way home from work and which sold books for $0.25 each or less.  I’ve been a thrift store lover ever since, heading out for the local shops with the same zeal as the religious people who came up my fire escape in undergrad and patiently watched me blowdry my hair – half undressed – for four minutes before starting in on their pitch while still red in the face from the embarrassment of it all (but that’s another story for another time, perhaps).

But for those who are not thrift store aficionados, I thought I might offer a bit of inspiration by showing some of the things that I’ve found there that have been useful to me in some way, shape or form, from household items to books and from clothes to bedding.

Thrift stores are not everyone’s thing.  I get that.  Sometimes this is a general preference or squeamishness, which is understandable, but sometimes it’s a result of bad thrift store experiences.  I happen to have lucked out with some pretty good stores, although I’ve been in a few truly soul-sucking ones that, were I not already convert, would have me running away like my brother from foods that touch.

But given the benefits of thrift stores – cheap goods, reusing unwanted items, and supporting charity – over the next thirty days as I keep myself away from shopping I’d like to offer up some of the things that I’ve picked up in thrift stores that have really worked for me and that I’m using in the challenge of making do that I’ve set for myself.  Material goods won’t necessarily solve any problems, but there are certainly some things that are useful or just plain old nice to have out there.  It just so happens most of mine came to me via the thrift store.

I don’t think I want to turn this into a massive show and tell, and if I find that it’s just not working for me I may step back from the thirty days.  But for now, I’m hoping to show some of why second-hand shopping can be such a good thing.


Written by Jenn

July 2, 2010 at 11:52 am

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