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The sound of silence

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There are teenagers screaming outside my window like banshees who find their own keening to be hysterically funny.  Daily, I can hear my neighbors, in a strange, loose quasi-ironic way, yelling at their dogs to be quiet.  I also now know all of “Forever Young” by heart, but not really so much by choice.  Many times a day one of the three buses that run outside my apartment stops, waits, and announced its route number – a boon for those with limited eyesight, but a bit less lovely for those who live close to one of the stops.

Given all this, when I say I dream of a rural life, one of the things that I really want is silence.  Not total silence – I know it’s impossible to escape noise (not that I would want to), and that sometimes even the noise of rural areas can be pronounced and even deafening.  I also do my fair share of music-playing and music-making. But apart from that I regularly crave more quiet in my life.

What I want is silence from man-made noise, a state of being that researchers claim is increasingly hard to come by.  Honestly, I miss cruising in the car, lights and windows down, through the foothills of the Laurentians.  I miss late night walks at church retreat, with stars overhead and quiet so thick we all spoke in whispers.  I miss camping in the back reaches of provincial parks, wandering the trails with only the sound of rushing water, wind in the trees, and bird calls.

Clearly, the sound of silence is still out there somewhere, and is accessible.  I just want it – no, need it, I think – more than just these brief forays into worlds largely apart from manmade noise allow for.  I have never slept as well as those nights in a cottage, those naps in the hammock, or those early mornings in a tent where silence is a constant companion, but I hope someday to sleep that well again.


Written by Jenn

June 28, 2010 at 11:25 pm

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