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The wedding

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A few days ago The Boy and I got married.  We’re home now, and recuperating – even though we worked to keep it small and easy, the whole thing was still tiring enough – especially for introverts – that we’ve been in pretty dire need of downtime and sleep.

Despite being so tired, we’re pleased with how the wedding turned out.  We decided, for a variety of reasons, to go against what seem to be the current wedding conventions, at least according to bridal magazines – large, detailed, showy, and expensive.  In stead, our wedding was small, simple, inexpensive, and had only family present.  While this may not be for everyone, we tried very hard to keep things as simple as possible.  There were a few things that worked really well for us.

First, we decided to have the wedding at City Hall.  This meant we could simply show up for the ceremony – the arrangements were all made for us, from the officiant to the flowers, and the service itself was brief, which we’d both wanted from the get-go.  We also decided to simply have the reception at a restaurant where all the details would be taken care of.  The only decision we had to make – other than deciding on the restaurant in the first place – was between four pre-set menus.

We also kept it small – just family.  Including us, there were ten people.  This meant there were fewer people to coordinate, transport, and make reservations for, which meant less worry for us and those who were helping with the planning.   It also meant we could really focus on and enjoy the people who were there, and have more time with each of them.

Finally, we tried to keep the details from overwhelming us.  Once we had the place for the ceremony and the reception, we tried (some times more successfully than others) to let the details be simple.  I wore a simple dress from Banana Republic, bought used awhile back, and shoes that I already had.  We bought The Boy a simple white shirt, black pants, and a belt locally.  We got a ride to the city of the wedding with family and took the bus home the next day.  I bought my flowers the morning of the wedding from a flower market.

It was, all things considered, perfect and exactly what we wanted.  It was lovely to be able to focus on the day and our families, rather than the details.  While it wasn’t always completely easy and simple, focusing down this way really helped to keep us on track and create the wedding that we really wanted.


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June 12, 2010 at 10:22 pm

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