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Making music

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One thing I’ve become progressively more interested of late is making my own music.  I played sax for many years in public and high school, and guitar through high school, but I haven’t played much of either since.

I have all of my instruments here with me – a sax, two guitars, and a recorder.  There’s also a keyboard and ukulele on their way soon.  I’m eyeing fiddles, but that might be a bit of a ways off yet.  I listen to a lot of music, both at home and when I’m out in the world.  But there’s something special about being able to play your own music.  Every song you learn you make a little bit your own.  You can play it at your own pace, in your own style.  You can share it with other people, playing for them, or playing with them.  You can have it with you when and where you want.  You can even create your own music and songs.

There’s also something to be said, I think, for relying on yourself to make music.  You need an instrument, but nothing else.  No electronics.  No power outlets.  You can have it anytime and anywhere.  It’s low cost – instruments don’t have to be expensive – and low energy.

Recently I’ve been spending more time making my own music.  Until I find a mute my sax is a little too loud for the shared space of an apartment building, so music time has been spent almost exclusively with my guitar.  I’ve forgotten most of what I used to know, so it’s been a process of relearning what I knew once upon a time and then, hopefully, moving beyond that.

Right now the chords are still pretty basic, not always well executed, and the whole thing is nowhere close to perfect (I’m working very hard on practicing the art of imperfection, but more on that later). It’s so sweet to play my own music, though.  Bad Moon Rising and Heart of Gold.  House of the Rising Sun and I Ain’t Marching Anymore. All the Lilacs in Ohio and Sweet Baby James.  I play in the evenings, almost daily now, sometimes only 15 minutes, but most often longer.  Sometimes I play during the day, when I’m happy, or stressed, or just need a break.  But whenever I play it relaxes me, and more than likely helps keep me somewhat sane.  I recommend it highly.


Written by Jenn

May 30, 2010 at 8:22 am

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